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Advertising Policies
What Are They?

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Adwords Advertising Policy

These policies are guidelines for advertisers on how to properly create their ads, keywords, and website to advertise on adwords. If you violate any of these policies, your ads will not be allowed to run on the Google adwords platform.

These policies are designed to promote a good user experience for people searching for and viewing your ads on Google search. They also ensure that advertisers adhere to applicable laws in the countries where their advertising is displayed. All new ads submitted and all changes to current ads will be reviewed to make sure they adhere to the advertising policies. Ads that are in violation of these policies will be disapproved and will not be allowed to run.

All ads, keywords, and websites are periodically reviewed for policy compliance. If any of these are found to be in violation, they will not be allowed to run and serious or repeated violations may result in your site or adwords account being suspended. In severe and repeat violations, your adwords account will be permanently suspended and no changes to your web site or ads will be sufficient to unsuspend your account.

Contact us for the status of your suspended account and how we can help.

You can view the official policies at Adwords Advertising Policy Center

Website Violations
Site Suspended

web site suspended

Web Site Suspension

If your ads or keyword status shows "site suspended", the webpage or web site violates the advertising policies. Your ads will not be allowed to place until you fix the policy violations. Adwords support will usually email you and tell you the nature of the violation and which policy it is violating. It is your responsibility to read the policy and figure out what is wrong. Many times this seems to be a shot in the dark since many of the policies are subjective - up to personal interpretation.

You can review the policy and make the appropriate changes to your suspended site then submit your site to be reviewed. Many previous clients have made multiple changes only to find out that they didn't do it properly and their site continues to be suspended.

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You can view the official explaination of site suspensions at Adwords Site Suspended

Account Suspended
Adwords Account Suspensions

adwords account suspended

Suspended Adwords Accounts

AdWords accounts are suspended due to violations of the advertising polices, Terms of Service, or for suspicious activity with billing or other payment issues. A suspended account can no longer run ads. In certain cases, you may be able to make changes to your website or business practices to get the suspension removed.

Accounts can get suspended for a variety of reasons including...

  • Repeatedly violating the advertising policies on your site or verbiage in your ads
  • You have violated policies in a way that puts users at risk.
  • Your account is related to another suspended account that was violating policies.
  • Non-payment, suspicious billing/payments, or other billing related issues
  • Violating the Terms Of Service in the adwords policy

  • Google suspends accounts to help protect users from behavior that causes a poor, or even harmful, experience.

    Contact us for a free consultation to get your suspended account approved and your adwords traffic back.

    You can view the official explaination of account suspensions at Adwords Account Suspended

    Billing Suspension
    Billing Verification

    web site suspended

    Suspended Account - Billing

    Your adwords account can be suspended for billing related issues. When Google does not receive payments or if your Credit Card or bank transfer is declined multiple times, your account may be suspended. Suspicious billing activity can also trigger an account suspension. Suspicious activity is possible credit card fraud.

    Sometimes billing suspensions can be very difficult to resolve for many advertisers. We've dealt with, and have sucessfully unsuspended many client accounts that had billing suspension issues.

    Contact us for a free consultation to review your suspended account and how we can help.

    You can view the official explaination of site suspensions at Adwords Suspended Accounts

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