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jerry ellefson

Jerry Ellefson

Director of Sales
and Business Operations

Jerry has been in Business since 1989 and has over two decades of experience in Business Management and Consulting to Corporations and Small Business. His areas of expertise are in Google AdWords Compliance, Lead Generation Social Media Marketing and Direct Sales and Direct Response Marketing, both online and offline.

Jerry is responsible for overseeing Marketing, Sales and Business Operations for ppcXpress.com

He is a published author and has been featured in multiple publications in various industries. He also has studied and taught Martial Arts for over 35 years and has received Black Belts and teaching credentials in several disciplines.



Director of Online Marketing and
Website Development

As one of the early adopters of Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing, DK started his online marketing career in 1997 and quickly began to experiment with the idea of combining the latest cutting-edge internet technologies of the time... with the time-tested, proven, art and science of sales, marketing, persuasion, and copywriting.

After many years of testing and refining the process, DK has created many successful online marketing campaigns as an independent affiliate marketer. He then began to branch off starting his own lead generation and marketing company servicing the online marketing needs of medium sized corporations, small business owners, and home based internet entrepreneurs.

He has helped improve the sales and online marketing processes for a variety of different clients that include web hosting companies, direct sales distributors, financial services professionals, internet marketers, and even small businesses such as house cleaning maid services all the way down to local termite companies as well.

He now works with the PPC Xpress Management Team as an online marketing consultant helping ambitious internet entrepreneurs and savvy online business owners grow and expand their web presence online using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC), Video Marketing (YouTube), and Social Media Marketing (including Facebook and Twitter).

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