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Serving Website Owners, Small Businesses, Advertising Management Agencies, and Corporate Clients Since 2009

ppcXpress are specialists in Google Adwords Compliance and have helped countless clients get their websites and accounts approved. We have worked with virtually every type of industry and have expertise in all advertising policies. If you NEED your account unsuspended, we are the resource that will help do it.

If you have a suspended site or Adwords account, or if you have opened multiple accounts that keep getting suspended, even if your website seems 100% compliant… there's probably something else in Google Adwords Policy that is causing your account to be in violation and thus, suspended.

We have the knowledge and experience to get your account approved, then keep you in compliance for the long term.

If you have received a warning email from adwords support, you must take immediate action before your account is suspended. Contact us for a free consultation and we will go over your options to keep your account up and running. If your site or account has already been suspended due to violations or for a billing issue, we will go over your options on how to get it approved quickly so you can start generating Google traffic again.

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"I don't think I would have ever gotten back on Google."

"if not for Jerry and the extra hard work of the PPCXpress team helping me…"
Cari Graves
Colorado Springs, CO

"These Guys Are The Real Deal."

I've been in the web marketing space for over 7-years and I learn something new almost every time I speak with them. I guarantee they know more about AdWords (and what Google is 'Truly' looking for from their PPC advertisers) than anyone you know or have spoken with previously.
Sam DeCroes
Director Of Online Acquisitions
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If you have received a site violation or have had an AdWords account suspended... contact us today for a free consultation!

Our Services

Specialists In Adwords Suspensions, Policy & Compliance.

Our specialty and unique expertise is in the understanding and interpretation of Google's complex Advertising Policies, Landing Page & Site Quality Guidelines, Billing requirements, and Terms & Conditions. This specialized in-depth knowledge has allowed us to assist many advertisers who have suffered mild to severe penalties from Google due to AdWords compliance violations.

We work with our clients not only to help them understand the advertising guidelines and what they are doing or have done wrong, but we also work step-by-step with our clients to make the proper changes to their advertising to be in compliance with Google's Advertising Guidelines. This has been our focus for over 5 years now. We love the challenge and most of all, we love the fact that hundreds of businesses that have consulted us for our adwords suspension services are now flourishing more than ever, creating jobs, and contributing to an economic recovery in these difficult times.

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Assist Suspended Clients & Correct the Violations

  • Violations in Multiple Adwords Accounts

  • Correct Violations on Multiple Websites

  • Violations causing Severe Impression Reductions

  • Low Quality Scores, Landing Page & Site Violations

  • Adwords Ad Policy Violations

  • Unacceptable Business Model Violations

  • User Safety Violations & Good User Experience
  • Interpreting Google AdWords Warning E-mails

  • Interpreting AdWords Suspension E-mails

  • Pay-Per-Click Management Services

  • Guardian Angel Service Long Term Compliance

  • Sign Up For a Free In-Depth Suspension Consultation

  • Learn What's Causing Your Account/Site Suspension

  • What To Do Right Now To Help Fix Your Account

  • How We Can Fix It For You & Keep You In Compliance